Supercare Protection Program

Repair and maintenance can be pricey. Here’s what you can expect to pay with SuperCare® protection.

ServiceWithout SuperCare®With SuperCare®
Air Conditioner Leak Test$250 – $350$0
Air Conditioner Leak Repair$800-$1500$0
Evaporator Coil$800-$1500$0
Furnace Ventor Motor$400-$1500$0
Furnace Circuit Board$500-$1500$0

With A1 SuperCare® protection, you reduce the risk of equipment breakdown and eliminate the worry of paying for expensive parts and repairs.

Central Air Conditioner$199$19
Ductless Air Conditioner $259$24
Furnace & Central Air Conditioner$389$34.83
Heat Pump & Furnace$549$48.17
Electronic Air Cleaner$89
Mechanical Air Cleaner$99
Humidifier STD$75
Condensate Pump$15

Contact A1 today for a free quote or to have a SuperCare® representative schedule a no-obligation in-home inspection.

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SuperCare® protection is also available for Humidifiers, Air cleaners, HRV’s, Thermostats and Hot Water Heaters. Contact A1 for a quotation and to have a SuperCare® representative schedule your no-obligation in-home inspection and to confirm eligibility of your program components. Pre-inspection required prior to coverage.

*All prices are subject to HST. Pre-inspection required prior to coverage. Monthly payment options available with credit card only.

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