Surprise furnace and AC repair costs are a frequent
household financial headache.

That’s why we developed SuperCare®,
the Best Plan in the GTA.

As an A 1 SuperCare® Member, you’ll get the MOST comprehensive coverage and the best value plan in the GTA.

SuperCare® Protection Plan Member Benefits.

  • Unlimited no charge parts and labour repairs to covered equipment (Heat exchangers and AC compressors excluded)
  • No charge service diagnostic fees
  • No charge for service calls on covered equipment, even if the call turns out to be a false alarm
  • No charge for 24/7 emergency no-heat service
  • Unlimited no charge AC service
  • Receive up to $800 discount toward the purchase of a new furnace and air conditioning system (up to $400 per appliance)
  • A 32-point tune-up, cleaning and safety inspection of your furnace and air conditioning equipment (a $260 value)
  • Priority year-round, front-of-the-line VIP service
  • Coverage for air conditioning refrigerant and coils
  • 10% SuperCare Member Discount on all other maintenance products and services
  • 10% SuperCare Member Discount on Duct Cleaning

SuperCare® is SuperSpecial because it’s designed just for you!

We don’t believe in “one size fits all” our SuperCare® coverage is designed based on your specific situation and your specific equipment.


Service Without SuperCare® With SuperCare®
Service diagnostic Charge
Air Conditioner Leak Test $250 – $350 + HST $0
Air Conditioner Leak Repair $800-$1500 + HST $0
Evaporator Coil Repair $800-$1500 + HST $0
Furnace Ventor Motor Repair $400-$1500 + HST $0
Furnace Circuit Board Repair $500-$1500 + HST $0
Furnace Fan Motor Repair $800-$2000 + HST $0

Equipment Coverages

Equipment Montly Cost
Furnace $20
Air Conditioner $20
Ductless Air Conditioner $20
Furnace & Air Conditioner $36
Furnace & Heat Pump $45
Standard Humidifier $6
Thermostat (Wifi or Prog.) $2

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SuperCare® protection is also available for Humidifiers, Air cleaners, HRV’s, Thermostats and Hot Water Heaters. Contact A1 for a quotation and to have a SuperCare® representative schedule your no-obligation in-home inspection and to confirm eligibility of your program components. Pre-inspection required prior to coverage.
*All prices are subject to HST. Pre-inspection required prior to coverage. Monthly payment options available with credit card only.

Did You Know

As a part of A1’s added value, we have a full time Quality Assurance Inspector that ensures that your system is operating at peak levels and that you are totally familiar with it. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with every aspect of the installation, and to ensure you feel that you made the right decision choosing A1 for your total comfort needs.

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