An HRV is used to exchange stale air from inside your home with the air from outside; which is much fresher, provides your house with ventilation, and controls wintertime condensation that can damage windows, insulation and furniture.

Using an HRV system is equivalent to having your windows open without actually having them open. The difference is that with having your windows open in the winter, heat and humidity will be lost, and the reverse will occur in the summer with too much heat and humidity. These devices also remove odours, chemical vapours and pollutants, while they work simultaneously with your heating and cooling systems to help enhance the air in your home. The way an HRV works is through heat transfer. The exhaust and the air from outside pass through the ventilator, and the heat from the exhaust air is used to pre-heat the outdoor air. Only the heat is transferred, as the two air streams internally do not mix and are separate streams. An HRV is able to save 70-80 percent of the heat from the exhaust air. This proves to be an effective technique to reduce energy consumption.

supercare1With A1 SuperCare Protection, you reduce the risk of equipment breakdown and eliminate the worry of paying for expensive parts and repairs. Plus, the regular schedules service and check-ups that are included help you save on rising energy costs- all for one low annual fee. This is A1’s way of giving you peace of mind, while maintaining total home comfort 365 days of the year.


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