Heating your home dries out your air, and the remainder of the dry air receives its moisture from everything else inside your home, including you and your family.

This causes many different issues including irritation and discomfort with dry and itchy skin, static shocks, and temperature being too cold at normal temperatures. A1 provides Aprilaire whole-home humidifiers to help you avoid the irritation and discomfort. This will deliver the perfect amount of moisture to your air, making you feel more comfortable at lower thermostat settings. In fact, the EPA states that you can save up to 4% on your heating bill for every degree you lower your thermostat!

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With A1 SuperCare Protection, you reduce the risk of equipment breakdown and eliminate the worry of paying for expensive parts and repairs. Plus, the regular schedules service and check-ups that are included help you save on rising energy costs- all for one low annual fee. This is A1’s way of giving you peace of mind, while maintaining total home comfort 365 days of the year. Need help with your humidifier? Read our Humidifier Operation Help.


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