Genius Air Conditioners by A1

A1 now offers modern, high quality air conditioners backed by over 50 years of building trust with our customers. That’s Genius.

A1 is proud to offer our Genius line of air conditioners, backed by the trust customers have invested in us to keep their homes comfortable for over 50 years. Having installed countless air conditioners across the Greater Toronto Area, we understand what our customers need and expect. With this experience and expertise, we’re offering our Genius air conditioner line to provide the ultimate combination of quality, reliability and affordability.

Genius air conditioners are installed by fully-trained, licensed technicians - we never use contractors - and offered with a choice of single stage or split system (2-stage) design. Both deliver quiet efficiency, are resilient with heavy-gauge galvanized steel enclosure cabinets and come with a factory-installed in-line filter drier.

The split system model takes advantage of a two-stage scroll compressor to vary the amount of cooling it produces based on your home’s needs. More efficient than a traditional, single-stage unit, the Genius Split System air conditioner also comes with ComfortBridge™ technology to help it maintain peak efficiency.

With a Genius air conditioner, take comfort in 50 years of A1’s dedication to customer service and be confident you made the right choice for your home.

Genius Air Conditioner
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