A Maintenance Plan That Helps Extend the Life of Your HVAC Equipment 

This plan is perfect for anyone who wants an annual maintenance plan for their furnace or A/C to help keep their equipment in perfect working condition. Plus, some great value discounts for being a special A1 customer!

Regular maintenance service can help extend the life of your HVAC equipment, so this plan will help protect your investment! Without a maintenance plan, you can leave yourself open to many future unplanned expenses that could have been avoided. Why risk it?

For $12.50 per Month, our EasyCare™ Maintenance Plan Includes:

  • An extensive annual 32-point furnace inspection with a precision tune-up (normal tune-up charge is $150)
  • Full cleaning of your furnace to remove dirt build-up that can reduce the lifespan of your furnace
  • 50% off any diagnostic calls if you have heating problems (normal diagnostic call charge is $130-150)
  • 15% off repairs, parts and labour
  • 10% off if you want to add a 2nd piece of major equipment to the plan (e.g. A/C, furnace or hot water tank)
  • Priority repair service for being an A1 plan customer


As you can tell, this plan is jam-packed with value and lots of great benefits at a low price. But, you might be asking if you really need an annual A/C check or a furnace inspection?

All big manufacturers of HVAC equipment recommend annual maintenance to maintain warranty coverage terms and to keep the equipment running efficiently.

Our A1 Technicians Are Highly Trained

Our certified expert Technicians will do a precision tune-up and cleaning to make sure your equipment is running smoothly and efficiently – often leading to reduced monthly energy bills.

All Technicians at A1 are employees – we don’t use contractors. They are fully licensed, which means you get well trained and highly skilled Technicians working on your equipment.

Our Technicians can help diagnose any issues before you might be faced with future nasty repair bills. We call this preventative maintenance that will pay off for you not only this year but in the long run.

We Prevent Small Problems From Turning Into Large Repairs

  • We inspect for water leaks and blockages. Furnaces produce condensation that can lead to water leaks and backups if drainage pipes aren’t inspected regularly.
  • We use combustion analyzers to conduct a Carbon Monoxide test on the furnace. Since carbon monoxide is invisible, you won’t know it is there until you test. Even something as small as a dense spider web can affect the inside of your furnace!
  • We examine the heat exchanger for cracks. These cracks can result in hazardous gases entering your home if not detected.
  • We inspect electrical wiring and connections for dangerous conditions.
  • We make sure that the furnace is vented to ensure flue gases are safely exiting the home.
  • Older furnace? We can look at the pilot light too.

Our customers love the value of this EasyCare Maintenance Plan and tell us that it is very affordable for both furnaces and air conditioners.

The cost of the EasyCare Maintenance Plan for one year is the same as what you would pay for ONE tune-up call! And you get so much more for being an EasyCare member!

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