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A1 Air Conditioning and Heating is here to help you. We can provide expert advice on your ventilation needs and talk to you about effective ways to purify the air in your office. We are based in Oakville and want to support our local west-end dentists! We can provide you with the solutions you need to abide by the new Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario guidelines to achieve 99.9% removal of airborne contaminants. Don't let VOCs affect work efficiency, quality, or the health and safety of your work environment. VOCs that off-gas from processes and materials in a work environment can be hazardous and costly!


Introducing the Amaircare® HEPA Air Filtration System

A commercial-grade air scrubber that focuses on particulate and VOCs, gases, & odors.  This is a top-quality, heavy-duty portable air purifier for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Still wondering whether you need an Air Filtration System in your office? Let's take a closer look at how this unit works to clean your air. It all starts with understanding pollution.

Pollution can be divided into 3 categories:


The most harmful particles are so small you can't even see them. These are known as Microfine Particulate and can penetrate and lodge deep in the respiratory system. Accumulation in the body of these particulates over time can lead to great discomfort and eventually illness. Some examples are vehicle emissions, pollen, dust mite carcasses and feces, pet dander and cigarette smoke.

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

VOCs consist of chemicals in the gas phase. These gases are released from many items in the home, including, but not limited to: cleaning products, furniture and carpets, paint and plastics. When these chemicals have the chance to react with each other new compounds can form, which can cause eye, nose and throat irritation, shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and skin problems at varying levels depending on exposure time.


Biological material, living or dead, in the air, such as: bacteria and viruses, mould spores and fungi. Living organisms like bacteria and viruses are very small but can be debilitating when they cause illness. Moulds and fungus can also wreak havoc when inhaled into the human body.

Amaircare® HEPA Filtration Products employ simple proven technology to solve the 3 categories of air pollution safely and without adding new pollutants.

How it Works

It is known that air pollution is a hazard, but how that affects each individual can remain unclear. The chart on the right provides a visual illustration of the sizing of some particulate substances. A visual grasp of the size of pollution particles plays an important role in understanding the benefit of HEPA removal at 0.3 micron. Amaircare HEPA systems are so efficient that laboratory testing revealed removal of 95% of particles at 0.1 micron!

What is HEPA?

HIGH-EFFICIENCY PARTICULATE ARRESTANCE is a filtration standard created by the US Atomic Energy Commission. To qualify as a HEPA filter, a media must be 99.97% efficient at removing particles 0.3 micron in size. Due to the extremely high efficiency, HEPA filters are composed of various sized borosilicate fibers, which are pressed together to form a net-like structure with openings large enough for air to pass through, but too small for most p[articulates.

Why is removing 0.3 micron important?

Approximately 85% of easily measurable particulate pollution in the air is 0.3 micron in size. Larger particles, such as; 0.5 and 1.0 make up a much smaller percentage of air pollution. Not only is the abundance of 0.3 micron particles a concern, but the small size allows these particles to travel deep into the lungs, penetrate the lung tissue and even enter the bloodstream to cause discomfort, conditions, and serious illness. Removing 99.97% of the particles that pass through the Amaircare® HEPA filter will create an air quality oasis and reduce the stress air pollutions places on the respiratory system and body.

Why "Clean Means Clean" with the Amaircare® HEPA Air Filtration System

3-Stage Filtration Process

Includes a Perfect SealTM certified HEPA filter media as part of a 3-stage filtration process:

1st stage: Prefilter filters large particulate and captures some VOCs.

2nd stage: HEPA Filter filters bioburden, particulate and attached VOCs.

3rd stage: Inner Carbon Filter captures any residual VOCs.

  • High-quality HEPA air purification unit that is perfect for areas that need extreme VOC removal
  • The combination of an activated charcoal canister and a very high quality HEPA filter is the best pairing for cleaner air
  • All air in the area is run through the powerful air scrubber and contaminants are effectively reduced and/or removed.
  • Effortless mobility – move from room to room
  • Easy to maintain and change out the filters when needed
  • Covered by a 5-year limited warranty
  • Made in Canada

 A1 Air Conditioning has over 50 years of quality service experience in the commercial HVAC business. We can offer smart solutions to help guide you on what type of ventilation or air purifying equipment (fixed or portable) you may need to safely reopen your dental office.

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